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painted pail wines

2-miles from Cooperstown, New York

sangria - fresh made!

(red or white)




a little bit of sweet
(natural sugar)

uniquely fruity & delicious!

try the wines that make our sangria

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Painted Pail Red Wine

sangria - Fresh made
from fruity, friendly wine

shipped - our place to yours

$10 flat rate shipping per box
Each box holds up to 4-bags


Painted Pail Wine is the happy-go-lucky sister of our boutique farm winery, Pail Shop Vineyards


Painted Pail Red Sangria grew from a light-hearted experiment to make sangria from our Painted Pail Red wine. After a summer of tastings and revisions (a part of the job we don't mind at all) we hit on something special!


Painted Pail Red wine, with its sweet-tart, grape jam in a glass appeal, mixed with fresh fruit juice was delicious! Something so simple was simply amazing! 


We started selling it from our Pail Shop Vineyards tasting room and it quickly became our most popular request.  

We added our Painted Pail White Sangria, a lemony bright, tangy and refreshing version of the original red.

A new favorite formed! 

The next adventure is Painted Pail Rosé Sangria -

coming soon!

Painted Pail fresh juice Sangrias. Try them all!

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